How Solar Support is using a growth mindset to take the solar industry to the next level

Solar Support is best known for offering customized and specialized solutions for our clients, but did you know the team behind it all is equally as unique? First, let’s talk about what services Solar Support offers. 

What does Solar Support do exactly? 

You might be familiar with Solar Support because of the different components we offer, but there are two other main services we cover as well. One main area of work is in repowering and restoration, providing turnkey service to asset owners to help them turn an underperforming asset into one that is more reliable.

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Solar Support also acts as a consultant and subject matter expert via Quality Assurance and Quality Control, third party inspections, and engineering services. It is the combination of these three main offerings that truly makes Solar Support’s work stand out. 

What makes Solar Support unique is completely different. 

While Solar Support has a wide range of products and services, the real difference we provide is our team's mindset.

Solar Support is willing to take on the work other companies don't specialize in or have the technical skills to perform. Projects that are financially risky or too nuanced might seem unappealing to some, but this is where Solar Support really shines. The high skill set of our team mixed with our hunger to solve problems and find solutions makes us an agile force to be reckoned with. We thrive amidst challenges.

Our team has performed over 150+ MW of utility-scale solar repowering and restoration projects. We recently completed two large fire repair projects in Southern California that required turnkey Engineering, Procurement, and Construction with our industry partners. Solar Support has provided custom solutions in response to flooding, fire, and storm damage that have caused catastrophic damage at solar power facilities—directly impacting electrical generation and revenue.

(Site in Rosamond, CA under construction and being repowered due to fire damage)

Team culture is important. 

We’re differentiating ourselves behind the scenes as well, offering a unique culture to our lean and agile team. Solar Support CEO Auston Taber offers weekly emails titled, “Mo-Monday”, short for Motivational Monday. These emails are filled with inspiring quotes from various thought leaders and questions that spark reflection and growing edges. 

Our team knows how to work hard, but unplugs even harder. Solar Support even has an unlimited PTO policy to ensure folks don’t burn out. We take care of each other, and are constantly ready to learn and grow. Every Wednesday is called “Wolf Pack Wednesday” where team members are encouraged to ask for help, and those who can jump in to help their teammate out. We even have a collaborative playlist on Spotify with five songs from every employee. It’s these small efforts that keep the team bonded, even when working remotely. 

Forward thinking is crucial in this industry.

Every new project builds our repertoire and skillset, adding to our robust toolbelt. Other companies are just now starting to venture out into extremely technical solar repowering projects, but they are 2-3 years behind. Solar Support specializes in work that other companies just don’t do. It started years ago with a site in North Carolina that flooded, causing inverter damage. A major EPC partner reached out to Solar Support to ask for help, and fast. Solar Support was able to engineer a solution that was unheard of at the time; we designed custom stilts that were able to elevate the inverter skids 10ft into the air.

(Site in North Carolina with inverter skids being lifted due to flooding risk)

From there, the two teams formed a partnership and Solar Support helped provide engineering and project management solutions. 

Our company’s quick growth has pushed us to “punch above our weight” for the last couple of years, and we’re ready to take this positive momentum to the next level. 

If you leave with one takeaway, let it be this: 

We’re a team of problem-solvers who pursue our work relentlessly and will not stop until we find a solution for our customers. 

Have a question? Drop us a line. One of our experts is waiting to find a solution for you. 

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