Whitepaper: Restoring Utility-Scale PV after extreme weather damage


Minimize revenue losses while getting solar production back online

While climate change brings more and larger storms, it’s not just the size of these extreme weather events that wreak havoc.

All of this means PV plants across the country are being pummeled more each year by stronger, slower, and wetter storms than ever before. Extreme weather events mangle in minutes what had been designed to last decades.

This whitepaper provides a step-by-step plan to assess, document, plan, and execute system repair. It highlights strategies to streamline the insurance claims process and ensure the highest payout, as well as OEM warranty tactics to get fair equipment coverage.

Two case studies provide real-world examples of projects we have restored with our partners DEPCOM Power and Power Factor – saving asset owners millions in avoided replacement costs, interruption damages, and repair work.

Download this whitepaper to learn how to minimize downtime and boost production after natural disasters.

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