Wolfpack Wednesday: Noel Myers, Business Development Manager & “Solar Nomad”

“We are the Guardians of Asgard, and the problem-solvers and solution providers for your aging solar PV asset fleet.”

- Noel Myers 

At Solar Support, Noel is known as the “solar nomad.” Much like Thor, Noel has traveled across the galaxy (in this most recent case, Oaxaca) and has taken to remote work with Solar Support. 

“Balancing work with exploration and play has been incredible. In case there was any doubt…daily beach walks and swims are good for the soul,” says Noel. 

After working in a variety of roles in the solar industry, he took a break to pursue a career in yoga, but Covid had other plans for him. He ultimately decided to return to the renewables industry and call Solar Support home, no matter where his laptop lies. 

Pursuing a career in solar has always been part of Noel’s plan. 

He knew he wanted to get into the renewables industry when he was in high school and majored in economics and environmental studies in college. He got his start selling solar door to door and has worn many different hats since. His vast experience and unique life experiences help Solar Support innovate and contribute to the overall agility of the team.

He’s passionate about protecting our environment and working with great people.

Noel was drawn in by the simple fact that we can generate cheap, reliable energy straight from the sun. “What is most interesting about the solar industry are the people,” Noel shares. Noel has cultivated a wide range of solar mentors over the years and says that the people he’s worked with have had the biggest impact on him more so than the individual projects. 

When you’re working long days in harsh environments like the desert, having a good team around you is crucial. Every repowering project is unique and requires a completely custom solution. There are always challenges that arise, and the projects are often very intense with high stakes. This is what makes the solar industry so dynamic and exciting: attracting people like Noel who are excited to innovate.

Solar Support is growing and changing, making sure to adapt to customers’ needs.

Currently, they are transitioning from an agile engineering shop to an agile engineering shop with a turnkey EPC team to implement projects of all sizes. Solar Support’s growth plan includes continuing focus on custom solutions for each individual customer to address the solar industry’s aging asset base. 

What’s next for the solar industry (and Noel)?

Noel is excited about the future of solar, noting that the industry has changed since he began his career. There’s more money, bigger sites and increased competition between teams in varying niches. He would like to see an increased focus on safety, quality, and strategic operations and maintenance in the solar industry’s future. 

“What’s exciting about Solar Support is that every day is different… we’re a tight knit team who encourage each other to strike a strong work/life balance. Our meme-game isn’t bad, either,” Noel says.  

Noel recently was promoted to Business Development Manager for Solar Support. We couldn’t be more excited for him interfacing more directly with customers. His next stop in his solar nomad journey is LA—connect with Noel on LinkedIn to see where he’ll land next. 

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