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People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.

 - Theodore Roosevelt


Solar Support is helping the renewable energy industry by providing customized availability and reliability solutions for our customers. We enable our clients to effectively diagnose and repair their equipment. Solutions to issues are documented and saved in our portal should they ever be needed again.


That's right, FREE troubleshooting. Call us, let us help your team find a solution. As long as we can handle it remotely there is no charge. 


There is much value in doing things right the first time. It's tempting to just throw bodies at a problem. Let us increase your efficiency with your service platform. 


Sometimes you need the right people on site at the right time. We are here for you. Give us your issues and we will find a solution. 


Looking for a specific part? We have contacts with distributors all over the globe. Looking to repair a component? We can help with that too.



The most important part of any business are the people and entities that we serve. We take customer service seriously. Every customer interaction is an opportunity to have an impact, either good or bad, on that person. There are plenty examples of bad service out there, we are striving for the opposite. If there is a need, let us know, we will ensure any issues you have are resolved to the best of our ability and beyond. Solar Support's business is built off of word of mouth, we ensure everything we do benefits our customers. 

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Solar Support's free service line is available Monday through Friday 7AM - 2PM PST. Our chat system, portal, and email system are available 24/7.

Looking for help with something else? 

Our team is flexible, we are more than capable of solving any of your issues. Not sure? Reach out to us and lets see if Solar Support  can assist you. The initial call and consultation are free. We want to help!