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PV inverters and power electronics inevitably fail. That’s why we’re here.  Trust Solar Support to get your solar equipment back on track fast, ensuring optimal yield, one inverter at a time.

Don’t let production -- and dollars -- slip through the cracks.

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Your Asset Stewards

PV inverters and power electronics inevitably fail. That’s why we’re here.  

 Don’t let production -- and dollars -- slip through the cracks.

Solar Support isn't just about putting dollars in our pocket. Renewable energy, and specifically solar power, is about building energy for years to come. Ensuring that future generations have access to clean renewable energy is critical for continued human habitation on this planet. ​We are working to ensure solar PV assets are profitable, and that solar is continued to be utilized because of its reliability and accessibility. 

Our reliability consultants deliver unparalleled mastery in PV equipment diagnostics and repair. We offer unmatched equipment savvy developed over a quarter century of hands-on experience involving more than 800 fault codes from 50 different inverters. Experts in both corrective and preventive maintenance, we boost asset production and revenue so you get more out of your solar portfolios.

Online, on-call and on-site, our equipment reliability and performance experts ensure your inverters and power electronics run better, longer.​Resolving equipment faults and reducing costly site visits make us the most efficient performance resolution option on the market.​Need components fast? Our wide supplier network cuts downtime and delivers the right material at the right price.

In offering the industry’s first completely open knowledge portal, Solar Support manifests its passion for community, innovation, and service excellence. ​Our Curators scour the renewable energy world for diagnostic information, creating the industry's most comprehensive equipment database, available for free to anyone at any time. ​Powered by a dynamic user community that shares best practices, our portal enhances value for all users across the board. ​Our knowledge portal safeguard proprietary client information with a secure customer database that protects IP for manufactures, O&M providers, and asset owners. 

When assessing technologies for your installations we offer an objective, quantitative approach to help you source the right solution to meet your projects specific goals.